What if you could prep once, 
and eat for tWO weeks?
Spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love. 
We all know food is delicious. 

But do you struggle with the fact that we eat three times every day?
Literally Every. Single. Day. 

We want to both 1) eat healthy foods and 2) meal plan, prep, and cook. But we’ve never found an easy way to make that happen.

So we hear things like:

“Mom, I don’t want to eat that.”
“You made this last week.”
“This? AGAIN?”

I totally agree that it feels like feeding yourself and your family healthy meals is an impossible and never-ending task.

That’s why I’ve made it easier for you.

introducing   |    
The 12-week Spring/ Summer Prep, Cook, Freeze Guide: this will be the LAST meal planning method you'll ever buy because it will change your life. 

imagine        |    
Can you imagine a world in which...
  • Your meal planning is entirely done for you: complete with meal-by-meal and entire week grocery lists
  • You choose one day on the weekend to do some easy meal prep for the week
  • ​Every single weekday, you have a NEW, fresh meal on the table in less than 15 minutes of hands-on time
  • ​No complaining about leftovers!
  • ​Freeze half of each meal, so you have ONE ENTIRE REHEAT week that takes just minutes to prepare!
  • ​TWO WEEKS of meals are done in one!
      and more!
it's possible
Think about how much time you spend thinking and planning what you and your family will eat. 
Think about all of the time you spend searching Pinterest for recipes, making grocery lists, and grocery shopping. 

Wouldn’t you LOVE to be able to effortlessly get a delicious meal on the table in less than 15 minutes??
Imagine how much less stress you will feel at mealtime. No more 6pm- wait, what’s for dinner?

With 5 nights a week already planned for you, there’s no more last-minute eating out that cuts into your budget.
the problem
I've never found a meal planning method that worked for me, so the scroll continues...
Trust me, this isn't just YOUR problem.
I’m a professional food blogger, and even I struggle to think of new meals. 
I would have a super fun weekend where eating out puts all meal planning out of my mind, then SUNDAY COMES. 
Another week, more mouths to feed and meals to make. 

I felt like week after week, I was recreating the wheel. 
I’ve tried meal planning softwares, cookbooks, and apps… Nothing seemed to be the thing that worked for me. 
Do you feel like you've tried it all, too?

I was SO tired of mindlessly scrolling the internet for new meals. I really never liked any cookbook or meal planning software I found...
I Created My Own!
I wanted to fulfill my own need of fresh, healthy dinners on my table AND bring this new-found method to YOU!
the backstory   | 
Here's why I created this meal plan method for you...
I'm the kind of person that is really aspirational... Every. Single. Week I would think "NEXT week is the week that I will decide meals on Friday, prep on Sunday, and have delicious, healthy meals every night of the week."
No amount of wishing made that dream a reality...
There were so many meal planning, prepping, cooking, and freezing methods out there... I personally used so many aspects of each of these in my own life. Couldn't I just combine the best of everything to make the ultimate meal planning solution? And then share it with you?

Surprisingly, on February 21 (before Coronavirus hit and we all wanted weeks of meals stored in our freezer) I came up with this idea. 

I knew there HAD to be a way we could freeze food, and reheat it in a way to keep it fresh! Our team immediately got into the kitchen and started working on Prep, Cook, Freeze.
We instantly knew- this is going to change everything.
The 12-week Spring/ Summer Prep, Cook, Freeze Guide: this will be the LAST meal planning method you'll ever buy because it will change your life. 
12 Weeks of Meals
Each Prep, Cook, Freeze "week" actually gives you TWO weeks of meals. So your 6-week PDF actually provides you with meals for an entire season! This gorgeous, printable PDF includes everything you need, including photos for every single recipe!
5 Dinners a Week. Planned.
Every week, get FIVE unique, healthy, and delicious dinners already planned for you!
Grocery Lists. Done.
Your grocery lists for 5 dinners a week are already done for you AND are organized by protein, produce, pantry, and dairy for easier grocery shopping!
Prep Made Easy. 
You choose your prep day for the week. Prep for less than 3 hours for TWO weeks worth of meals. We give you step by step instructions to make your prep as easy and fast as possible!
Delicious & Healthy
All of these meals are both delicious AND healthy. Most recipes have a clean eating bent, and we offer substitutions and tips for making each recipe Paleo and free from Gluten, Grains, Dairy, Legumes, and Sugar.  
Batch Cook + Freeze 
Save time by batch cooking and making double batches. But don't fear- no leftovers here! We provide you with specific instructions for how and when to freeze half of what you're making, so you can easily reheat it later! Our reheat grocery lists ensure you have the right ingredients to make these meals fresh!
Trust us, these aren't your typical reheated meals! Our reheat grocery lists ensure you have the right ingredients to make these meals fresh!
there's more!
But what about breakfast, lunch, and snacks, you ask?

When you get Prep, Cook, Freeze, you also get these fun BONUSES!

BONUS 1: Rise and Shine: 6 weeks of meal-prepped, grab-and-go healthy breakfasts
Get six delicious breakfast recipes that you can prep on your prep day to have ready to grab and go during the week! 
BONUS 2: Midday Meals: 6 weeks of meal-prepped, grab-and-go healthy lunches
Just like breakfasts, get six delicious lunch recipes that you can prep on your prep day to have ready to grab and go during the week! 
BONUS 3: Snack Attack: A complete list of our favorite, family-friendly healthy snacks
If you're like me, you get stuck in the same snack rut, eating the same 2-3 things over and over. Not anymore!
→ Who are you, again?
Hey, y'all! 
My name is Caroline Fausel.
I am the owner and blogger behind Olive You Whole- a successful clean eating and lifestyle blog. I am a Southerner at heart from Nashville, Tennessee. I am a working mom of two, and I love the new town we call home: Denver, Colorado. 

Since I created my blog Olive You Whole in 2014, I've helped millions of people with my healthy recipes and resources.  

My mission is and always has been to help you live with vitality and longevity. 

Up until this point, I have fulfilled that mission by creating my own clean eating recipes... But recently, I had an epiphany.  

I realized individual recipes are helpful, but they weren't cutting it. You need the entire solution. Now I'm SO thrilled to bring you an entire meal plan, prep, cook, freeze, and reheat solution! 
Show off just how much easier, lighter, happier, better things will be when this solution is placed into their lives.
they said...
Prep, Cook, Freeze really will revolutionize your evenings.
denver, co
"Prep, Cook, Freeze has changed so much for me and my family."
Jenny is a full-time working mom of two under 4. She’s a Vice Principal of a local Denver school, and she works 60+ hours a week… She has such a strong desire to make healthy meals for her family, but feels like the concept of meal planning and prepping would just be one more overwhelming thing to add to her plate. 

So instead, she ends up trying to come up with meals with things she has on hand, starting after she’s already had a stressful day at work. That, or she repeats the same mundane meals week after week. OR, when all else fails, she goes through a fast food drive-thru. 

Our “Prep, Cook, Freeze” method changed everything for Jenny. Now, with only one prep session, she’s prepared for two weeks of meals. 
Jenny told me “Prep, Cook, Freeze has changed so much for me and my family. There’s now an entire category of stress that’s just GONE. I actually do the prep day with my husband, and we really enjoy the newfound time together. Our weeknights are now calm, filled with fresh meals and quality family time. Thank you Caroline!” 
The 12-week Spring/ Summer Prep, Cook, Freeze Guide: this will be the LAST meal planning method you'll ever buy because it will change your life. 
is this for you?  |
Is Prep, Cook, Freeze what you've been looking for?
This is right for you if... 
  • You want to cook delicious, healthy homemade meals for you and your family without spending all your time shopping and cooking.
  • You want more time doing what you love and less time in the kitchen cooking.
  • ​You’re tired of endlessly scrolling Pinterest for new meal ideas.
  • ​You are looking for a successful meal planning tool!
  • ​You want 2 weeks of meals after an easy afternoon of prep. 
  • ​You’re done with the 6pm “What’s for dinner” mad dash!
you asked
Your frequently asked questions, answered.
How long does prep take? 

Prep day normally takes 3 to 4 hours to prep all components. Remember, you are prepping for 10 days worth of meals in an easy afternoon. 
Does Prep, Cook, Freeze really save me time? 
We can confidently say that Prep, Cook, Freeze does save you time. By focusing your efforts during prep day, you will ultimately save loads of time during the week getting a home cooked meal on the table. We also provide you with grocery lists so you can shop one time for 5 days worth of meals.  
Do I need anything special for Prep, Cook, Freeze?
Most home cooks will have all the equipment needed to prepare, cook and freeze meals. Throughout our recipes, we will provide recommendations based on the equipment we use and like, such as Vitamix blenders and Stasher Bags to freeze food.
How many people does Prep, Cook, Freeze feed? 
Our recipes are created to serve 4 persons, per meal. They are easy to modify to serve more or less people. 
The 12-week Spring/ Summer Prep, Cook, Freeze Guide: this will be the LAST meal planning method you'll ever buy because it will change your life. 
5 unique, healthy dinners planned weekly
grocery lists- done.
1 prep day plan- less than 3 hours
less than 15 minutes of hands on time nightly
instructions how to batch cook and freeze half
have an entire extra week of meals in your reheat week
I want you to be absolutely, 100% THRILLED with your purchase, so you'll get 30 days to try Prep, Cook, Freeze! 

Can I guarantee your kids will love every recipe? Nope. But I can guarantee that you'll have the tools you need to make meal prepping and fast dinners a reality! 
the LAST meal planning, prepping, and recipe method you will ever buy.
Prep, Cook, Freeze PDF (Value $45)

Rise & Shine Breakfasts (Value $14)

Midday Meals Lunches (Value $14)

Snack Attack (Value $17)

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